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An Exciting New Adventure

After two long years of trying to conceive, Drew and I are finally expecting! I’ve documented the last two years in a personal blog called “Just a Woman TTC” but it’s currently set to private and I’ll probably need to edit a few things if I were to make it public. I just feel like there are so many women out there who are trying to get pregnant, and nobody really talks about it! I know that for 2 years I would log onto Facebook and it would seem every day someone was posting a baby announcement. It seemed like EVERYONE was getting pregnant except us. It was stressful and sad and I felt bad for almost resenting all my friends and acquaintances who were lucky enough to be able to get pregnant.

Luckily, a few close friends were there to listed, and some even shared in my struggle! I think every pregnancy facebook post should come with a little * next to it, and then in the fine print the couple should have to say “We had been trying for 8 months” or “Thanks to IVF”. I think many more people take a long time to get pregnant that we realize, and then just make it seem like POOF! It happened on the first try.

Anyway, we miraculously fell pregnant with no medical intervention right after our first infertility consultation! I don’t know what they are pumping through the air at that doctor, but if anyone in the Tampa, FL area wants to swing by and just breathe it in, let me know and I’ll send you the address!

We are currently 12 weeks along, and due Feb 10! We can’t wait to find out if ‘Baby L’ is a boy or girl! I also can’t wait to share all the exciting moments of pregnancy and motherhood with you all! So far, I’m just tired, bloated, moody and hungry. I’m hoping that supposed glow that people talk about shows up soon!

Until next time...